Alpharetta SSI Claims

The Supplemental Security Income program (SSI) is a federally funded and supported program that provides qualifying individuals with cash assistance to meet their daily needs. This program is generally available to those who are considered disabled or blind.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the agency that administers the SSI program. However, the Georgia Disability Adjudication Services (DAS)—which works in conjunction with the SSA—specifically oversees Alpharetta SSI claims.

There are numerous forms and procedures to keep track of when filing for SSI benefits, and claims are often denied because of technical mistakes. Our team of seasoned Social Security disability lawyers could help you and your family effectively pursue the benefits they deserve.

How to Apply for SSI

SSI claims in Alpharetta require applicants to gather extensive information and understanding the application process. To begin filing an Alpharetta SSI claim, it is critical for applicants to include:

• A complete medical record detailing a diagnosis of their condition as well as a full report of medications, treatments, and a prognosis
• Information identifying a person’s date of birth, Social Security number, and the same information for current and former spouses and minor children
• The amount of money they earned over the last several years, as well as the names and addresses of former employers

Once an individual has gathered all the required information, they can either apply online, by phone, or in person at a local Social Security Office. The SSA website has various tools that allow applicants to see if they are eligible for benefits. For example, the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool is a resource which asks applicants to answer a few questions which will help determine their eligibility for SSI or other benefits.

How Long Do SSI Claims Take?

One of the most frequent questions applicants have is how long an Alpharetta SSI claim will take. While there is no absolute answer to this question, it typically takes the Georgia Disability Adjudication Services anywhere from three to five months to make a decision once an applicant submits their application.

However, Alpharetta SSI claims can take longer if a rejected applicant decides to appeal a denial. In addition, there are multiple appeal levels beginning with a reconsideration process, followed by a hearing before an administrative law judge, then a request for review by the Appeals Council, and in some cases culminating in a decision by a federal review court.

Managing SSI Claims in Alpharetta with a Skilled Attorney’s Assistance

Unfortunately, Alpharetta SSI claims are routinely denied, which any experienced Social Security lawyer knows can be frustrating and can place tremendous strain on you and your family. However, our team of attorneys also understands how to navigate applicants through the SSI claims process—from gathering information to appealing a denial—in pursuit of a positive outcome to their case.

If you are considering filing an Alpharetta SSI claim, you should make sure you know your rights and options in advance. Call today to schedule an initial meeting with an SSI disability attorney from our team.

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