Benefits of Hiring an Alpharetta SSDI Lawyer

Filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) often is a tedious and drawn-out process no matter where you apply. The disability determination process follows a similar pattern in each state which typically requires the individual to wait a lengthy period after filing for benefits, only to end up being denied. To make matters worse, the reconsideration appeal may seem like a second opportunity to receive benefits, but a majority of applicants are denied after another long waiting period. Consider the benefits of hiring an Alpharetta SSDI lawyer. They could assist in more than mere legal representation. A person seeking benefits could gain a vocal leader who can fight tirelessly for their rights.

Ultimately, it may come down to bringing the claim in front of an administrative law judge to make a request heard. Taking on this process alone can be daunting, especially when the odds are stacked against the claimant. Our team of knowledgeable SSDI representatives can assist you throughout the process to help make your experience more seamless.

Difficulties of Filing for SSDI without a Lawyer

Residents of Alpharetta may find themselves at a standstill when it comes to applying for SSDI. A majority of all SSDI claims are denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for reasons that have little to do with the applicant’s medical condition or disability. Rather, the reason for the rejection was typically based on “technical denials” before any medical facts of the case were presented.

A Lawyer’s Role in an SSDI Case

Appealing to a judge may take up to a year in some cases, due to the backlog of citizens filing for disability benefits all around the country. While it may be true that some applicants who file for disability are approved rather quickly, this generally should not be considered the norm. In fact, most applicants receive SSDI approval only after filing again at the reconsideration level.

There is no law that states an individual must have legal representation when presenting an appeal to a judge. However, it is highly recommended to have a skilled disability attorney on hand due to the complex nature of disability appeals.

An attorney may function as an advocate who assists the applicant during the entire application process. For those who are unaccustomed to dealing with the bureaucratic nature of the Social Security Administration, it may prove valuable to have a trustworthy representative who could fight for the applicant’s benefits.

Although some claimants choose to navigate the application process without the help of an attorney, claimants may face a better chance of approval with a professional who has dealt with disability cases before. The benefit of hiring an Alpharetta SSDI attorney is that could increase the likelihood of an individual receiving benefits.

There Are Many Benefits to Hiring an Alpharetta SSDI Attorney

The frustration of the application process can be overwhelming, especially if the individual has no knowledge of how to proceed with the process. Furthermore, it becomes a cause for concern when you legitimately need SSDI benefits yet are denied for reasons that make little to no sense. The benefits of hiring an Alpharetta SSDI lawyer could outweigh the risks of pursuing the application by yourself. To learn more, call our Social Security disability law firm today.

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