Alpharetta Child Support Modification Lawyer

Unexpected or major changes to a family’s circumstances may mean that their current child support order no longer meets their needs. A skilled child support attorney can help you modify your current order according to your new situation. Understanding when you can modify child support, calculating the correct amounts, and obtaining legally binding changes from the court can be made easier with the assistance of an Alpharetta child support modification lawyer.

When Can a Court Modify Child Support?

Alpharetta courts may only modify child support when a case meets specific conditions. A petitioner must file a request with the correct court and show that sufficient conditions for the proposed modification exist. An Alpharetta attorney can help a claimant follow the proper procedures and meet the requirements for child support alterations.

Generally, child support modifications need to be filed in the county where the payor currently lives. If either party has moved, jurisdiction may be more complicated. Knowledgeable legal counsel can help a person determine which court should address their child support modification case.

Limitations on Altering a Child Support Order

According to Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-6-15(k), a person cannot obtain a modification of child support unless specific circumstances exist. For example, a substantial change in the income of either parent or in the financial needs of the children may warrant alterations. Additionally, a noncustodial parent exercising more or less visitation than provided by the court order could also form the basis of a successful petition for changes.

Modifications based on a change in a parent’s wages may only be requested once every two years, unless they experience an involuntarily loss of income. A well-versed lawyer in Alpharetta can help a parent understand these complicated laws and determine whether a child support modification is possible in their circumstances.

Court Procedures

O.C.G.A. §19-6-15(k)(4) states that a parent must file a petition for modification under the same procedural rules that apply to divorce cases. At trial, parties may present testimony and evidence relevant to the changes in circumstances, parents’ incomes, or the needs of their children.

Judges may revise a previous child support order if the parties can convince them that the proposed change is warranted and in the best interests of the children. The court may also order one party to cover the other’s attorney’s fees and litigation costs. An experienced attorney can help a parent develop a strategy for modifying their previously established child support order and present evidence in court.

How an Alpharetta Child Support Modification Attorney Can Help

The outcome of a child support modification case could have a major impact on your finances and your children’s future. An Alpharetta child support modification lawyer from our firm can help you update child support orders to match your family’s needs and finances. Contact our intake team today to discuss your situation with a professional.

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