Sandy Springs SSI Claims

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that provides monetary benefits to disabled individuals. This program is based upon need, and adults who are unable to work due to a disability can file a claim for these benefits. Similarly, children who have a medical or mental condition that significantly limits their day-to-day functioning may also be eligible for SSI. If you believe that you or a loved one may qualify for SSI, it is important to understand the nuances of this program and its specific requirements.

The process of filing Sandy Sprigs SSI claims can become frustrating. However, our team of dedicated SSI attorneys could help you effectively construct, pursue, and if necessary appeal your SSI claim. Call and arrange for an initial consultation to start reviewing your options.

Applying for SSI

Applicants can apply for SSI coverage by calling their local Social Security office or applying online via their website. After receiving an application in Sandy Springs, the SSA office forwards the claim over to the Georgia Disability Adjudication Services, which is a state agency. This agency gathers medical records and medical opinion forms as well as claimant and third-party questionnaires then uses this information to make an initial determination.

If the SSA approves a claim, they will begin paying SSI benefits soon thereafter. If they deny the claim, however, the claimant has the right to go through an appeals process. No matter the initial decision, having a hardworking attorney as an advocate could increase the odds of a successful Sandy Springs SSI claim.

How Long Does the SSI Claims Process Take in Sandy Springs?

The time it takes for an SSI claim in Sandy Spring to progress through the SSA varies. The initial answer time alone often exceeds three months and in some cases can take as long as a year. Furthermore, the SSA denies many claims in their first determination.

When that happens, the claimant must file an appeal if they wish to continue seeking SSI benefits. The appeals process is often even longer than the initial application determination, sometimes taking two or three years to be completed.

If an appealing claimant is ultimately successful, they will begin receiving benefits. Additionally, they will also receive retroactive benefits to cover the time of their initial application. In the wake of a claim denial, getting legal counsel from an experienced law firm in the Sandy Springs area can make all the difference in achieving this eventual outcome.

How Much Does SSI Pay and What other Benefits Are Available?

How much an individual applicant in Sandy Springs can receive in terms of SSI benefits depends on what other financial support they have. Beyond this, there is a cap on any provided benefits. For example, in 2019 the maximum individual SSI payment $771 per month. For eligible couples, however, the maximum benefit is $1,157 per month.

Claimants who receive disability benefits through SSI are also automatically entitled to Medicaid benefits. However, what comes with Medicaid eligibility is subject to change, so talking to a knowledgeable lawyer in Sandy Springs about specific options and possibilities may be a good idea.

Let an Experienced SSI Attorney Help

The claims process for SSI can be exhausting and confusing. Because the SSA denies almost 70 percent of initial claims, seeking the counsel of a skilled SSI attorney could make the difference in whether or not a claim is successful. The aid of a lawyer could become even more crucial if your claim is denied, as the appeal process can be intricate and intimidating.

An adaptive and resourceful SSI attorney at a law firm near Sandy Springs could help you to file a thorough and effective claim. Call us today to learn more about how you could receive help with your Sandy Springs SSI claim.

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