Benefits of Hiring a Sandy Springs SSDI Lawyer

Social Security long-term disability benefits can provide desperately needed assistance for those who are disabled and unable to continue working in Sandy Springs. However, the process of proving that you qualify to receive benefits can be lengthy and challenging.

Benefits are provided through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). This large federal agency sets the standards and procedures for qualifying for the program.

To ensure that requirements are fulfilled, many applicants choose to work with experienced SSDI attorneys who are familiar with the application process and the appeal of denials. The potential benefits of hiring a Sandy Springs SSDI lawyer cannot be overstated, especially given how important these benefits may be to you and your family.

What is the Process for Obtaining SSDI Benefits?

On the SSA website, the agency makes the process of getting SSDI benefits sound very simple—a person fills out an online application or schedules an interview to apply, and then the application is granted. Unfortunately, it is hardly ever as straightforward as it sounds.

To begin with, there are requirements that must be met both with respect to the applicant’s physical disability, as well as requirements regarding the work history of the applicant. Those who consult with an experienced attorney before applying could have their situation reviewed to determine their qualifications before beginning this often-burdensome process.

If an applicant has sufficient documented work history and suffers from a full long-term disability that should entitle them to SSDI benefits, their lawyer could help them collecting evidence to demonstrate their disability satisfies the agency’s requirements. Another one of the benefits of hiring a SSDI lawyer from Sandy Springs is that they could also help ensure phrases on the application and supporting documentation are worded correctly to include terms that reviewers may be looking for.

How Could an Attorney Help with Filing an Administrative Appeal?

Even the most qualified applicants often have their SSDI applications denied initially. When an application is denied, the SSA must provide a documented reason, so a qualified attorney could ensure that these deficiencies are addressed on appeal.

The first step when appealing an SSDI denial is to ask for a reconsideration. Appellate reviews are conducted by agency staff. If the reconsideration does not provide a favorable outcome, the applicant may seek an administrative hearing in front of a judge.

An adept SSDI lawyer could help an individual prepare for their hearing. They could do this by ensuring that all available evidence is collected and presented. The administrative hearing is usually the final occasion to present evidence, so full advantage must be taken of this opportunity.

Providing Representation in a Lawsuit

If appeals through the SSA fail to produce satisfactory results, an SSDI lawyer could file a lawsuit in federal court to appeal the agency’s decision. An experienced attorney could also know how to follow procedure and build the strongest case on behalf of the applicant.

The longer a lawyer has worked with a particular SSDI applicant, the more information that attorney may amass that could be used to answer questions and build counter-arguments. An attorney can also explain the process, coach the applicant on how to answer questions, and often advocate on behalf of the applicant both in writing and verbally.

Exploring the Benefits of Hiring a Sandy Springs SSDI Attorney

The benefits of hiring a Sandy Springs SSDI lawyer may differ somewhat with each individual case. To learn how an experienced SSDI attorney could help you obtain benefits in your unique situation, call today to arrange for a meeting with our intake team.

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