Milton SSDI Appeals Lawyer

If you need to appeal the denial of a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, contact one of our team members. The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies many applications in Milton, even when claimants are qualified to receive benefits.

A Milton SSDI appeals lawyer can help you collect the evidence you need to demonstrate that you meet the SSA’s standards to receive disability benefits. Moreover, a member of our team who is experienced in SSDI advocacy can help document your eligibility in writing and help you receive the compensation you may be entitled to.

What is the SSDI Program?

The SSDI program provides long-term disability payments to workers who have become unable to work due to a disability. Only those who have paid Social Security income taxes during the course of their employment may collect SSDI benefits. Specifically, an applicant’s eligibility for compensation depends on the amount of work credits they have, which is based on their age at the time of becoming disabled.

Additionally, the disability must be severe enough to prevent the claimant from engaging in any form of gainful employment. Demonstrating the severity of a medical condition and how it impacts their ability to work is usually the most important part of an SSDI appeal.

If SSA staff members deny a worker’s claim for SSDI benefits, they would have four opportunities to appeal the denial. Fortunately, a Milton SSDI appeals attorney from our firm could assist with each stage in the appellate process.


The first step in the SSDI appeals process is reconsideration. During reconsideration, SSA staff members review the application and supporting documents to determine whether the agent who made the original decision applied agency standards appropriately.

A Milton SSDI appeals lawyer could help a claimant present additional evidence to bolster their claim before submitting it for reconsideration. However, most appeals are given a subsequent denial upon reconsideration.

Administrative Hearing

After reconsideration, an SSDI claimant may request a hearing before an administrative law judge, who is not bound by the same interpretative standards as SSA staff. Disabled workers often have the best chance to receive an award of benefits after making a strong case at the SSDI hearing. It is important to present the best case to the judge, however, because this hearing is an applicant’s last opportunity to submit new evidence to support their claim for disability compensation.

What Can a Claimant Do if They Receive a Subsequent Denial?

If the administrative judge delivers an unfavorable decision, SSDI applicants still have two opportunities to continue their appeal. A Milton lawyer can help request a review by the Appeals Council, which may decline to reconsider the claim and uphold the judge’s decision, remand and the case back to the hearing level, or reverse the judge’s ruling. If the Appeals Council issues a subsequent denial, the claimant becomes eligible to appeal the case in federal district court.

Contact a Milton SSDI Appeals Attorney Today

Filing a claim for SSDI benefits may not be complicated, but appealing a denial can be very complex – especially without legal counsel. An experienced Milton SSDI appeals lawyer who understands how to make the most of this process can fight to get you the full benefits you are entitled to. For a consultation to learn more about how a knowledgeable legal advocate could help in your situation, call our team today.

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