How Long Does a Social Security Disability Decision Take?

Aug 20, 2020 | Sara Khaki

Typically, the Social Security Administration (SSA) makes a decision on an applicant’s eligibility for disability compensation within three to five months. The timing depends on how long it takes the SSA to receive relevant medical records and other evidence to reach a decision.

Unfortunately, disability benefits are sometimes delayed or denied despite an applicant’s qualifications. The Khaki Law Firm is here to help you fill out the application, set up your claim, and evaluate your appeal options in the event of a denial. We understand how critical it is for disabled individuals to receive monthly income benefits.

How Does the Disability Claims Process Work?

Once you submit an application, the SSA forwards your information to a state agency that reaches out to any healthcare professionals who contributed to your medical records. The state may request additional forms or examinations if necessary to determine your disability eligibility. Fortunately, the state agency will pay for any additional examinations or tests it requires.

Since the SSA is responsible for checking your records, neither a statement from your doctor regarding your impairment nor current disability payments from a different organization will be enough to prove your eligibility for benefits. As time consuming as it may be, this procedure is meant to verify the severity of a medical condition as well as its expected duration.

Reasons for a Denial of Benefits

If the SSA finds that your condition does not meet the standard of disability, the agency will deny your claim. Sometimes, there’s not enough medical evidence to support the severity of your stated injuries. In this instance, your doctor may not have appropriately documented how your disability impacts your ability to work.

Another common reason for a denied SSD claim is an applicant’s failure to follow up with treatment. Skipping or rejecting certain treatments may also indicate to the SSA that your injuries are not severe enough to warrant disability compensation. Whether this was a mistake, or you thought your condition would improve on its own over time, this is a critical error that can invalidate your claim.

Other reasons for a denial from the SSA may include previous behavior. Perhaps you applied for disability after being rejected, and the SSA immediately dismissed your claim as a result. Otherwise, failing to cooperate with the disability investigation could also influence the success of your application.

Regardless of the reason for a denial, you should let an SS disability attorney help weigh your options. The appeals process for SSD benefits can be confusing, so you should reach out to an experienced Social Security disability law firm for assistance. With the proper legal guidance, you can identify why your disability application was rejected and take the appropriate steps to file for an appeal.

Contact one of our hardworking team members today to discuss your case with a professional. Working with our firm can save time and help you receive a disability decision sooner.

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