The Heart Brothers Foundation Is Promoting Compassionate Allowances

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Jun 13, 2022 | Sara Khaki

Heart failure patients confront a difficult health journey and the last thing they should have to worry about is money. Unfortunately, many of them rely on Social Security disability benefits to assist them in paying their bills while they are unable to work and support their families.

That is why patients suffering from heart failure should be aware of Social Security’s Compassionate Allowances program. It enables patients to quickly obtain the financial assistance they require.

A person who is experiencing some variation of heart failure is facing a terrible medical journey and money should be the last thing on their minds. Yet, while they cannot work and support their families, many heart failure patients rely on Social Security disability benefits to pay their bills.

People on the Compassionate Allowances list should expect a decision on their claim in just weeks, instead of the usual timeline which can take months. There are more than 250 conditions on the list, include those looking to get a heart transplant.

More than 700,000 people have had their claims expedited and accepted through the Compassionate Allowances project, including roughly 11,000 with cardiac-related claims.

Visit the Social Security website’s Compassionate Allowances page to learn more about this program and all the ailments it covers.

Claimants with conditions on the Compassionate Allowances list do not need to submit a separate application. When applying for disability payments, make sure you spell your qualifying condition(s) accurately so that Social Security can process your application quickly. Visit the Social Security website to learn more about its disability programs.

At The Khaki Law Firm, we assist folks seeking Social Security disability payments. We know it is hard for a family to cope with a disability — physically, emotionally, and financially. Our passion is guiding others through the Social Security disability system and assisting them in receiving the benefits they deserve.

Our disability legal firm assists those in need throughout the entire process, from determining eligibility to filing for benefits and even appealing a refusal. Our Social Security advocates in Alpharetta are available to talk about your case and all your legal alternatives. In addition, one of our sympathetic disability team members who is familiar with the Social Security application procedure may help you obtain the information you require for the best possible outcome. Contact us today.

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