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The unfortunate reality for some Atlanta residents is that they no longer have the capacity to make their own healthcare decisions. When this situation arises, a legal status known as guardianship could be the answer. A dedicated attorney could help the loved ones of an individual in need of help with securing guardianship on their behalf.

If someone you are close to is no longer able to make their own healthcare decisions, an Atlanta uncontested conservatorship lawyer might be able to help. When this process is uncontested, it could result in fewer delays as compared to situations when the interested parties are not all on the same page.

What Makes a Conservatorship Uncontested?

When an interested party pursues a petition for conservatorship, it is either contested or uncontested. As the name implies, an uncontested conservatorship is one in which none of the interested parties object. An objection from an interested party makes it a contested conservatorship proceeding.

There are different reasons why an interested party might object. In some cases, individuals who are close to the proposed ward might not be convinced conservatorship is necessary. They might believe that the person in question does not need the assistance, or they might feel their needs can be met informally by family or loved ones. Other interested parties might not object to the concept of conservatorship but could have an issue with the party who has filed the petition.

There are different parties that could raise an objection in a conservatorship proceeding. For starters, the proposed ward has the right to be heard. While some of them object to these cases, others will not oppose a potential conservatorship. However, the family members of the proposed ward might also object, and they have the right to be heard. The court must ultimately make the decision that is in the best interest of the proposed ward.

An Atlanta uncontested conservatorship attorney can work with these parties to come to an agreement and reach a consensus on the issue of conservatorship.

The Benefits of Uncontested Proceedings

When it comes to the interested parties pursuing a petition for conservatorship, there is little question that contested proceedings are not ideal. There are benefits to avoiding a challenge and an uncontested conservatorship attorney in Atlanta can help with that.

One of the primary benefits of uncontested conservatorship proceedings is that they can avoid substantial delays. When all of the interested parties are in agreement, it could be possible to resolve these petitions fairly quickly. That is not always the case in contested proceedings.

Another benefit relates to the cost, since there are legal fees associated with petitioning for conservatorship. The longer these cases drag on, the higher the legal costs are likely to be.

The good news is that a legal professional can help resolve the disputes that can arise in these cases. In some situations, legal counsel could address the concerns of other interested parties and facilitate an uncontested guardianship after initial objections are resolved.

Talk to an Atlanta Uncontested Conservatorship Attorney Today

If you are concerned with the prospect of seeking conservatorship for your loved one, it is important to know you do not have to do it alone. Experienced legal counsel could help you secure the help that your loved ones need.

An Atlanta uncontested conservatorship lawyer can help you avoid conflict and proceed with this important process. Call right away for a confidential consultation with a member of our team.

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