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Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a program operated by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that provides monthly financial benefits to individuals with qualifying disabilities. This monthly compensation is designed to provide income replacement to disabled individuals who can no longer work due to their impairment.

Additionally, disabled minor and adult children can receive SSDI through a parent who is already receiving compensation from the SSA. A discussion with an experienced child disability attorney can improve your understanding of how this program could benefit a disabled adult child. Let an Atlanta children’s SSDI lawyer on our team advise you on your legal options today.

How Can a Disabled Child Receive SSDI Benefits?

SSDI is primarily designed to benefit adult workers who can no longer earn a living due to a disability. To receive this compensation, a disabled individual must meet minimum employment requirements. If someone has not earned sufficient employment credits over the preceding years, they may not qualify for SSDI benefits even if they meet the SSA’s definition of disabled.

When a parent qualifies for SSDI, their disabled child may also be entitled to receive compensation as well. These “auxiliary benefits” provide monthly compensation for the SSDI child, but they are based on the Social Security record of their adult parent.

To be eligible for SSDI through their parent’s record, a disabled child must have a specific relationship with the recipient. Specifically, they must be the disabled adult’s:

Grandchildren are only eligible for SSDI if the child’s parents are no longer living and if they are financially dependent on their grandparents. This is true for disabled minors as well as adult children. These benefits are also available for the disabled children of unmarried parents, but paternity must be established first. An Atlanta Social Security disability attorney can advise a family on whether their disabled children are entitled to compensation under SSDI.

SSDI for Disabled Adult Children

Disabled children over the age of 18 can also receive SSDI based on their parents’ Social Security records under certain circumstances. To qualify as a disabled adult child, an individual must be over the age of 18 and unmarried. Additionally, they must have become disabled before the age of 22. Finally, at least one of the adult child’s parents must either receive Social Security benefits or be deceased and have qualified for SSDI at the time of their death.

For SSDI purposes, adult children must meet the same standard of disability as other recipients. Their disability must either last for 12 months or be expected to result in death. Additionally, the impairment must render the adult child unable to perform any form of substantial work.

Some conditions automatically warrant a disability diagnosis. These are known as listed conditions, and they include dozens of conditions impacting various parts of the body, including heart problems, skin disorders, and neurological conditions. An Atlanta attorney can advise an adult child on whether their disability is a listed SSDI condition.

Speak with an Attorney about Children’s SSDI Benefits in Atlanta

If you have questions about SSDI benefits for your disabled child, we are here to provide answers. This system of benefits is complex and frequently results in the denial of an initial claim.

Put your child’s SSDI claim in the hands of a professional. Contact our intake team today to learn more from an Atlanta children’s SSDI lawyer.

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