Qualifying for Supplemental Security Income in Alpharetta

There are many different reasons a person may be interested in qualifying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Alpharetta. Whatever your reasons may be, it could be beneficial to speak with a dedicated SSI attorney. One of our advocates for disabled can review the circumstances surrounding your case and work to establish eligibility. Call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to begin discussing your potential legal solutions.

Impact of a Person’s Income on SSI Eligibility

Since the SSI program is resource-based, an applicant’s income typically determines whether or not they qualify for benefits. There are certain kinds of income that the Social Security Administration (SSA) disregards when determining whether someone qualifies for SSI. If the SSI is for an adult, they do not consider child support as income for the household. Sometimes, they do not consider income that is used to take care of certain medical expenses and medication. They usually consider all other forms of income, inclosing that which is generated at a substantial gain, spousal support, and money given to the person by family members.

A person who is interested in qualifying for SSI in Alpharetta should strongly consider speaking with an attorney who understands the SSI application process. Understanding eligibility can become difficult for a person who is unfamiliar with the process, and an experienced Social Security disability law firm can help make the application process more efficient.

Plan to Achieve Self-Sufficiency

To further enhance a person’s ability to regain independence from government assistance, the SSA has launched a program called Plan to Achieve Self-Sufficiency (PASS). The program allows recipients of SSI to save some of their benefits for major life events or purchases without affecting eligibility for the SSI program. When a person is enrolled in this program, the money that they save for the goal is typically not counted as a resource. In essence, by announcing a plan to achieve self-sufficiency, the person may have some leeway in the amount of income that the SSA considers without making them ineligible for the SSI program.

Receiving a Denial Despite Qualifying for SSI

Despite meeting the qualifying criteria for disability, a person may be initially denied SSI benefits. However, this denial does not mean the individual is without legal options. A person who is denied could file an appeal by going to the local SSA office to request the appeal paperwork or the appeal can be filed online. If filing the appeal online, you will need to have the decision letter to access the appeal. Before trying to qualify in an appeal, you may want to contact a reliable SSI lawyer who can help assess the proper protocol for moving forward.

Qualifying for SSI with the Help of an Alpharetta Attorney

An experienced Alpharetta lawyer could help a person who is trying to qualify for SSI by gathering relevant financial documents and preparing a declaration of a Plan to Achieve Self-Sufficiency to preserve income if applicable. If you or a loved one need supplemental financial support, consult a Social Security disability representative who can advocate on your behalf during an SSI claim. Call and schedule a legal consultation as soon as possible.

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