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Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, can help make ends meet for many Alpharetta residents. However, proving that you qualify for benefits can be challenging and commonly involves receiving several denials first. If you fail to satisfy any eligibility requirements, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will likely deny your application for SSI benefits.

The process of appealing a denial is often more complex than filing an initial application. Working with an experienced social security disability law firm can greatly improve your chances of obtaining monetary benefits plus Medicaid. Fortunately, if your application for Supplemental Security Income was denied, you can still pursue benefits with the help of an Alpharetta SSI appeals lawyer.

Overview of the SSI Appeals Process

There are several opportunities for those who have received denial letters from the SSA to appeal its decision and receive SSI benefits. However, each step must be taken in the proper order, and it is critical to adhere to deadlines and eligibility requirements.

Presenting the best available evidence in the beginning stages is crucial, because after a certain point, appeals are based on administrative and processing errors as opposed to a claimant’s disability. A diligent Alpharetta SSI disability attorney would understand the opportunities available during the appeals process and can help you strengthen your claim after a denial.

What is Reconsideration?

The first step to initiating an appeal is to request a reconsideration from a local SSA office. During reconsideration, staff from the Social Security Administration will review a record to discern whether the initial decision was made in accordance with agency guidelines. At this stage of the SSI appeals process, an Alpharetta Social Security disability lawyer can help an applicant compile and present additional evidence to be included in their reconsideration.

What is an Administrative Hearing?

Often the most productive phases in the appeals process is a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Usually, this hearing is a claimant’s last chance to introduce new evidence.

The judge may deliver a different conclusion than the SSA, and they can use greater discretion when deciding on an applicant’s eligibility. An SSI appeals lawyer in Alpharetta can help a claimant prepare for an administrative hearing to improve their chances of success.

Escalating an Appeal Further

If the Administrative Law Judge issues a subsequent denial, an applicant may request another review by the Social Security Appeals Council. The Council may decline to review a decision if it was delivered within agency guidelines.

When the Council denies SSI benefits or declines to review a case, a claimant may bring the matter to federal court. Our Social Security advocates for the disabled can help convince a judge to overturn previous administrative opinions.

Consult a Knowledgeable Alpharetta SSI Appeals Attorney Today

If you need SSI to provide food, shelter, and other necessities, it is important to assess whether you meet the disability qualifications. A dedicated Alpharetta SSI appeals lawyer can help you prove that you qualify to receive benefits.

There are many ways to appeal an SSI denial, but meeting legal deadlines is critical, so it is best to avoid unnecessary delay. Call now for a free consultation to learn about how a Social Security disability appeal lawyer can make a positive difference in your case.

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