What Does Family Mean to Me?

Family are those we choose to spend our time and build our lives with. While I am very close with both my mom and my sister, I also have several really close friends I would consider family. And pets are of course also family! (Yes, I have written Parenting Plans for pets before – be sure to ask me about it).

The social definition of family is changing and growing. I think the legal field needs to change and grow with it. This is one of the large draws family law had for me – there are all sorts of families out there, and there should be lawyers to fight for the rights of those families too.


It’s really my own story – that I grew up a child of divorce, and I turned out just fine! So I can tell you, if you are going through divorce, your kids will be okay. My parents divorced when I was very young, and there was a very long, drawn out custody and visitation battle. Not only in court, but between my parents as well. While it is true that children see and hear more than you may think, it really will be okay. Please don’t hesitate to ask me about what it was like growing up, or what helped me through it. I want to share so that I can help parents and children who are going through the same (or similar) thing, and show them how you really can reach your happily ever after!

Professional Resume

Ryan began her legal “career” all the way back in 4th grade with a class project: a mock trial of The Three Bears v. Goldilocks. It was a full presentation of a trial in front of Judge Turner at the Gwinnett County Courthouse, and ever since then, she was hooked! She went on to participate in Mock Trial in high school, college, and law school, winning several awards and honors.

She finished college at the University of Georgia with degrees in Spanish and Psychology, magna cum laude, with honors. She attended University of Georgia School of Law, where she continued her Mock Trial studies, and worked with Atlanta Legal Aid in the Gwinnett County office.

She finished law school in the top of her class, and immediately joined King & Spalding, working on massive tort litigation cases. She soon transitioned into family law, working at a firm in Hall county and then Gwinnett county. Ryan has several years of family law experience in multiple Atlanta area counties. She has a strong interest in helping those with non-traditional families find their legal voice. Ryan is a member of the Gwinnett Bar Association and a volunteer for the Gwinnett Pro Bono Project.

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