What Does Family Mean to Me?

As an adoptive mother, I believe it has very little to do with blood relations. Family are the people with whom we choose to spend our time making memories, who we will support unconditionally through thick and thin. This may include step-parents, step-siblings, Godparents, old friends, or long time neighbors, in addition to those related by blood.

I’m a single mother of a six-year-old boy who was adopted at birth, and grew up in Marietta, GA, where I currently reside with my son and miniature pinscher, Cricket. I’m an only child with a very close relationship with my parents. I also have aunts, uncles, and cousins who live nearby.


When my son was three, my ex-husband and I separated and began the divorce process. Our marriage had been unhappy for years and we tried a significant amount of marriage therapy, but in the end we had differences that were insurmountable. However, the one issue where we always saw eye to eye was putting the best interests of our son first. We knew this meant putting our differences aside to parent as a team even after the divorce.

The divorce process is never pleasant, and of course there were some difficult times during the divorce and the transition to shared custody of our son. However, we knew that his happiness depended on us insulating him from the conflict between the two of us. We both learned to put on a happy face for the sake of our son, and eventually the faked happiness turned into genuine happiness as we both moved on with creating a new and happier life for ourselves.

My ex-husband is now remarried, and our son loves his new step-mother and she is a positive influence in his life. We are both actively involved parents and give each other flexibility with schedules and do everything we can to foster a positive relationship between our son and his other parent. Our son is extremely well adjusted and happy because of this, and I enjoy a full life with a career I love, travel, dating, and pursuit of hobbies without the stress and sadness of an unhappy relationship. Divorce can be a blessing for all involved!

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