What Does Family Mean to Me?

This is why I do what I do. Family means everything to me, but I don’t believe it has anything to do with blood relation or DNA. Family means whatever you want it to mean, but above all it means love.


My little sister is almost seven years younger than me, but before she was born I had an older cousin who I always considered to be a big sister. Some of my earliest memories are of our time together. While I was in law school, and that cousin was pregnant with her second baby, her husband left her. I felt completely helpless. I wanted to fix it for her, but I couldn’t do anything.

Something in me snapped and I knew that I was meant to practice family law and fight for the preservation of families. That doesn’t mean keeping unhealthy relationships together, but rather allowing family structure to change as necessary and appropriate given whatever life throws at you.

That cousin is now divorced, and she is with an amazing man and happier than ever with two beautiful and sweet children who my own children consider as close as siblings.

Professional Resume

Ashley has multiple years of experience with Georgia family law and has devoted her legal career to protecting families that are going through a time of transition. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature. She attended Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, J.D. Prior to law school, Ashley owned her own very successful design company (she even got to blog for Pottery Barn); as a business owner herself, Ashley has a unique advantage in helping our clients who are business owners and find themselves going through the divorce process and need extra financial protection.

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