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Sara Khaki

What Does Family Mean to Me? Having each other’s back. The feeling that you belong to a team. People who you can count on through the good and bad times. At times, obnoxious people who are all in each other’s business. Big dinners and loud parties. Having an extra-large pose at every graduation, birthday party, […]

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headshor of Shawna Woods

Shawna Woods

What Does Family Mean to Me? You can have a biological family, and you can have a chosen family. Sometimes they include both, and other times they don’t include your biological family. I think what’s really important is that they’re the people you hold close, who celebrate your joys with you and hold you up […]

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Allen Russel's headshot

Allen Russell

What Does Family Mean to Me? There is no single definition for “family”. They come in all shapes and sizes and are not limited by a blood relationship, proximity, or a shared last name. Rather, a family may be made up of any group of people who provide love and support for each other.

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Stephanie well's headshot

Stephanie Weil

What is My Family Structure Like? I am a mom in a wonderful blended family. Four are mine (three biological and one came through adoption). I have two grown step-children and two grand children. What Does Family Mean to Me? Family is the most important thing in my life, whether that family is biological, adopted, […]

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Judge John Sumner (ret.)

What Does Family Mean to Me? Family is everything. It goes beyond DNA and legal documents. It is those you are connected with. They are there for you, and you are there for them. It’s the people in our lives we can turn to in the good times, as well as the hard times. My […]

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Megan Hoxsey

What Does Family Mean to Me? Family to me consist of anyone who by blood, marriage or choice have each other’s backs. Family is fluid, and not all members are there for life. Ultimately all have served a purpose in a person’s development. Family is the definition of good, the bad and the ugly.

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headshot of Whitney Ganes

Whitney Ganes

What Does Family Mean to Me? Family is everything! Growing up in a house that included my grandparents taught me the importance of having a close relationship with my extended family. As a result, it is important to me that my children develop close relationships with everyone in our family. But family goes beyond just […]

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headshot of  Lindsay Love

Lindsay Love

What Does Family Mean to Me? Family is a priority to me! My family is made up of not only people who are traditionally related to me, but also those who I have chosen to be in my life. To me family is supportive, reliable and have interest in helping me grow as a person. […]

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headshot of Rachel Buchanan

Rachel Buchanan

What does family mean to me? Family means everything. Family is made up of the people who want what’s best for you and are always there for you. It doesn’t matter if they are related by blood, marriage or friendship, to me being family is a choice. Family is comprised of the people who will […]

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headshot of  Nicole Mazzurca

Nicole Mazzucca

What Is My Family Structure Like? I grew up in a large Irish/Italian Catholic family which meant close relationships with extended family- grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins (first, second, etc.), the list could go on forever. We’re loud and crazy, but there’s never a dull moment. My  immediate household consisted of my mom, dad and two […]

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