Fulton County Children’s SSDI Lawyer

If you are currently receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you might be surprised to learn that your children could also qualify for compensation as well. Known as “auxiliary benefits,” the SSDI program could provide your disabled child with the financial means to live a comfortable life.

Not every child will be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA), though. If you are unsure about whether your child qualifies for disability benefits, it could be in your best interest to discuss your options with a Fulton County children’s SSDI lawyer.

What Are Auxiliary Benefits?

As the name suggests, auxiliary benefits are SSDI benefits paid to someone other than the primary beneficiary. In many cases, those benefits are provided for the beneficiary’s child.

Auxiliary SSDI benefits allow a disabled parent to provide for their children’s needs regardless of being unable to maintain employment. A Social Security disability lawyer for children in Fulton County can help you calculate how much in benefits you can expect to receive for your child each month.

When Would a Child Qualify for SSDI?

A child who is not disabled can receive SSDI benefits based on their parent’s disability and work history. Disability benefits are also frequently paid directly to disabled children, as well, based on their parent’s work history. Specifically, biological children, step-children, grandchildren, and step-grandchildren may be able to receive SSDI benefits based on their or their parent’s disability.

The duration of benefits will depend on whether the child is disabled themselves. A Fulton County attorney can help you determine whether your child might be entitled to SSDI benefits.

Securing Benefits for a Disabled Adult Child

Although auxiliary SSDI benefits are often reserved for minor children, it is possible to secure benefits for qualifying adult children as well. These benefits are available for young adult children with disabilities who are unable to support themselves financially.

The same requirements apply to disabled adult children as minor children, meaning these benefits are only available if the applicant’s parent has a qualifying work history, is already receiving SSDI benefits, or is deceased.

To qualify for SSDI benefits in Fulton County, the disabled adult child must be unmarried and over the age of 18. What’s more, the disability that prevents them from maintaining employment must have developed and been diagnosed prior to their 22nd birthday.

Get in Touch with a Fulton County Children’s SSDI Attorney Today

SSDI benefits provide invaluable financial support for children as well as disabled young adults. If you are currently receiving SSDI benefits, your children might be entitled to receive auxiliary benefits as well. Otherwise, if your child qualifies as disabled under the SSA’s definition, they may be able to receive SSDI benefits based on your work history.

Let a diligent Fulton County children’s SSDI lawyer on our team help you consider your options for obtaining benefits to help cover your child’s daily expenses. Reach out to The Khaki Law Firm for a confidential consultation as soon as possible.

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