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Videos from Our Legal Team

Who Your REALLY Are vs. Who You Are Expected to Be, David Neagle

Why do so many people stay stuck in an unhappy marriage and fear making a decision to create change in their lives.
Best selling author and personal development coach David Neagle explains.



How Our Children  Process Divorce

Family therapist and parenting book author, Amy-Jo Weisberg Head discusses how children process divorce, and how parents can help their children become more resilient through this life transition.  Here is the link to Amy’s book on amazon:…/…/0692998217

New Tax Laws Have a Huge Impact on Divorcing Families

Mike Bean, CPA and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst of Divorce Sense, LLC joins us to explain the new tax laws and how

they will affect couples going through divorce. Chances are, you’ll want to be grandfathered in so you have tax benefits that will

no longer be available after Jan. 1, 2019. Listen and learn how to protect your future assets.



Free Information Friday

In today’s Facebook live, we answered questions from our followers. Today’s questions all focused on parenting issues, post-divorce.

Exclusive Relationship Coach Marla Mattenson Joins Us

Infamous Relationship Coach and Columnist from Entrepreneur Magazine, Marla Mattenson joins us to discuss patterns in our relationships.


Author and Image Consultant Lee Heyward

Author and Image Consultant Lee Heyward joins us to share thoughts on how you can find your new self after divorce.

Career Coach Becky Berry helps people find their passion

Dynamic Career Coach, Becky Berry joins us to discuss how she helps women and men transition into the workforce

or a new career after a divorce or any other life changing event.


Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling can help couples determine what the next best steps are for their marriage.

Watch and learn more about this new type of therapy that helps you make decisions for a happier life.

We were joined by Kathleen Shack, M.S., LMFT



Domestic Abuse – What to Do

Join us as our managing attorney discusses Family Violence and what to do if you or a friend are in this situation


Your Marriage: Stick it Out or Call it Quits?

Deciding whether to stay and keep working on your marriage, or calling it quits and moving forward is one of the hardest decisions

a couple can face. Join our attorneys as they give you signs to look for to help you decide what’s best for your happiness.


Substance Abuse and Child Custody

Join our attorneys as they discuss the facts about whether a parent’s substance abuse issues affect child custody. You may be surprised!


Is your Ex stalking you?

Any unwanted contact, albeit phone calls, text messages, emails, threatening behavior… it’s all considered stalking

and you may need an attorney’s assistance in putting a Temporary Restraining Order in place.


Child Custody and Parenting Plans -Our Attorneys Answer Your Questions

Our attorneys answer your questions about custody modifications and parenting plans for the holidays.


When Your Ex Remarries – How to Adapt

Attorneys Jeanette Soltys and Sara Khaki share both their personal and professional experience about how to handle it when your ex remarries.

Adjustments must be made – follow their tips for a Happily Ever After Divorce.

Buying or Selling a Home During Divorce: What You Need To Know

We have Atlanta’s real estate experts discussing buying/selling/financing a home during a divorce.

And what is going on with the real estate market in Atlanta right now?



Getting Through the Holidays After Your Divorce

Join us as our attorneys discuss getting through the holidays as your family is going through transition.

We answer your family law questions live! Ask…Watch…Get Answers!