Dawson County Veterans’ SSDI Benefits Lawyer

Few experiences in life can be as debilitating as suffering from a health condition that prevents you from working. Fortunately, financial assistance may be available to you during these difficult times.

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program can provide monthly benefits to disabled individuals who have a significant work history. Veterans may rely on their military service for work history. Even so, obtaining these payments is often a difficult and lengthy process, as the Social Security Administration denies most SSDI applications on the basis of simple mistakes or incomplete information.

A Dawson County veterans’ SSDI benefits lawyer can advise you on this process. Otherwise, if you’ve already submitted a claim and received a denial, our advocates for the disabled can help you file an appeal to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Proving a Veteran’s Medical Eligibility for SSDI

Veterans must demonstrate that their disabilities prevent them from working in order to qualify for SSDI. It does not matter whether these injuries were the consequence of being in uniform or occurred during civilian life; a local attorney could gather medical records necessary for a veteran’s SSDI claim to succeed.

Impact of Military Status on an SSDI Claim

An essential part of any SSDI claim is proving a sufficient work history. Fortunately for many veterans, time spent on active duty counts toward this requirement. According to the SSA’s eligibility criteria, a regular employee must earn 40 credits by working a full-time job. Workers can earn up to four credits per year, and of these 40 credits, 20 of them must have been earned in the past 10 years.

A Dawson County lawyer can help a veteran demonstrate their eligibility for SSDI benefits. Whether a former servicemember’s work history is solely comprised of time spent in the military or is a combination of military and civilian work, an attorney could advise a disabled veteran on how to best present their work history credentials to the SSA.

Helping Vets in Dawson County Seek SSDI Benefits

Many veterans find difficulty in obtaining SSDI benefits because most initial applications submitted to the SSA result in a denial. When this occurs, most veterans incorrectly assume their claim has ended in failure.

However, any applicant who receives a denial on an SSDI claim has the right to file an appeal within 60 days of receiving a rejection letter from the SSA. A well-versed disability representative can help former servicemembers file these appeals with fresh evidence to bolster their SSDI claims.

If an initial appeal still does not result in approval, one of our Social Security disability attorneys can help a veteran request an administrative hearing. Here, a former servicemember can present their SSDI case to an administrative law judge, who will hear the case from a fresh perspective.

Let a Dawson County Veterans’ SSDI Benefits Attorney Help

Denials of SSDI benefits are common and often occur because of a lack of medical evidence, insufficient work history, or both. A Dawson County veterans’ SSDI benefits lawyer is dedicated to helping former servicemembers obtain the Social Security benefits they deserve from the SSA.

Our team can examine your denial letter to determine why your claim was rejected and gather additional evidence to strengthen your case. We can also appear in person before a judge to argue your case and fight for the SSDI benefits you need. If you are a veteran seeking SSDI benefits and met resistance with your claim, contact our Social Security disability firm today.

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