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Where do I file my divorce (legal matter) if my spouse lives in another county?

Jurisdiction Questions: Where do I file my divorce (or legal matter) if my spouse lives in another state? This is one of the most common questions we get day in and day out. If you need to file for a divorce, child custody matter, Legitimation or other family law matter, and the opposing party lives […]

5 Guidelines for Introducing Your Kids to Your New Girl/Boy Friend After Divorce

5 Guidelines for Introducing Your Kids to a New Significant Other After Divorce For many of our clients, it takes some time after their divorce to feel ready to start dating seriously again. This is especially true for our divorced parents whose primary concern, both during and after their divorce, is the wellbeing of their […]

Considering Your Children’s Needs First in Custody Decisions

Custody decisions should find the right balance that allows both parents to actively parent. As you go through a divorce, you may experience feelings of anger, betrayal, or loss. The last thing you want to lose is time with your children.  This holds true for both Mothers and Fathers. In making decisions regarding custody and […]


The Things Children Say

My topic this week is prompted by an issue that has come up in my own life, and I see come up over and over with clients – what to do with negative or concerning information said by the children regarding their other parent or other parent’s home. All of us want nothing more than […]

Back to School

Back to School Advice for Divorced Families

School is now back in full swing, and many newly divorced parents are having to adjust to parenting during the school year from separate households.  The following tips can help ensure your children’s success. If your children spend some weeknights at both homes, get on the same page with your ex regarding bedtime during the […]