Role of an Attorney at an Atlanta SSDI Hearing

Compared to a courtroom trial, a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) hearing is not as formal. While it is not required for those having their claims heard before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to work with an attorney, many claimants find it beneficial to work with experienced legal counsel for a variety of reasons.

For this reason, you should learn more about the role of an attorney at an Atlanta SSDI hearing and how they can make the process easier. Legal advocates who understand how SSDI claims are processed and decided can use many strategies to help you make the best case for disability benefits.

Updating Evidence

One of the most important ways an attorney can help at an Atlanta SSDI hearing is by ensuring that the record of evidence is as complete and up to date. Moreover, an advocate from our team can help you submit the best available evidence to the ALJ at least five business days before the hearing so they have sufficient time to review the information.

An attorney can also obtain additional medical records to fill in any gaps or explain inconsistencies if necessary. A letter of opinion from the claimant’s physician describing how their disability prevents them from performing everyday job tasks can be an extremely useful tool in disability hearings. One of our representatives can work to obtain this type of letter and similar evidence to support a person’s claim for SSDI benefits.

Drafting a Brief

A legal brief is not required for an SSDI hearing, and it is not necessarily even expected as it otherwise would be in a civil court case. However, a legal brief can be a valuable tool in highlighting the important aspects of a claim, so it is best to let an Atlanta attorney help draft an effective prehearing summary before attending an SSDI hearing.

In the brief, a lawyer can summarize the evidence, highlight aspects of the case that are most favorable to the claimant, and present arguments to support the award of disability benefits. The brief can also address any weaknesses or assertions made by the SSA when it first denied the claim.

Advocacy and Coaching

An experienced member of our team can not only advocate on behalf of the claimant during the hearing but can also prepare them for questioning. We can explain what to expect and which questions to anticipate. Together, an attorney and the applicant can decide the most effective way to answer these questions.

During the hearing, a legal advocate could cross-examine expert witnesses to reveal limitations and shortcomings in their assertions. A skillful cross-examination has the potential to undermine many of the reasons cited for an initial denial of benefits.

Learn More about the Role of an Attorney at an Atlanta SSDI Hearing

Every SSDI case is unique. Therefore, the best way to learn about the role of an attorney at an Atlanta SSDI hearing is to discuss the circumstances of your case with a member of our team who can tell you the advantages of having legal counsel in your situation.

There is a good reason why so many successful claimants choose to work with an experienced Social Security disability law firm. The assistance provided before and during your hearing can make all the difference in the outcome of your case, so call today.

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