Atlanta Divorce Law Group Wins Best Divorce Attorney for 2022

Atlanta Divorce Law Group Wins Best Divorce Attorney for 2022
Oct 28, 2022 | Sara Khaki

ALPHARETTA, Georgia – Sara Khaki, Attorney and Founding Partner of Atlanta Divorce Law Group, Happily Ever After Divorce®, announces that her firm has won Best Divorce Attorney for 2022 from Best Self Atlanta magazine. Best Self, created for the purpose of providing information, tools, and resources to help readers realize their potential and live their best life, asks readers to vote every year for Best Of in several categories, including law, fitness and nutrition, and dentistry.

For Khaki, who has also been distinguished by Atlanta Magazine and Super Lawyers as a Rising Star, the award represents the success of Atlanta Divorce Law Group’s team in living the firm’s mission and values consistently. “We’re delighted to have been selected by Best Self readers as Best Of 2022,” she says. “The award is a testament to our attorneys and staff living our mission and values in every client interaction. We understand that each divorce is unique to each client, and we strive to let compassion and growth guide us as we assist our clients through the organic divorce process. I’m grateful to my staff for being driven visionaries who practice servant leadership, empower others, and embody integrity. Thank you to Best Self and their readers for honoring us with the Best Of 2022 award. We look forward to assisting clients in the Greater Atlanta area achieve Happily Ever After Divorce® for many years to come.”

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About Atlanta Divorce Law Group

Family law is about helping individuals and families manage the emotional struggles of facing an uncertain future. It’s about the Atlanta Divorce Law Group legal team being human, sensitive, and empathetic to a significant change occurring in their clients’ lives. The Atlanta Divorce Law Group has been founded on a history of helping families through the most challenging times of their lives.

Their holistic approach focuses on the legal and non-legal needs of a client going through a major life transition and sets them apart in this industry. They know that solving the legal issues is a start in the right direction, but they want to ensure their clients land on their feet prepared for the next chapter. The mission of Atlanta Divorce Law Group is to do away with the stigma of divorce by providing secure and happy futures for their clients. In doing so, they believe the rest of their community will begin to see that it can be a healthy event when divorce becomes necessary. Through their Happily Ever After Divorce® philosophy, they will accomplish their mission, one happy client at a time.

About Best Self Atlanta Magazine

Best Self Atlanta magazine has been created for the purpose of providing information, tools, and resources to help readers realize their potential and live their best life. The magazine helps readers identify their personal goals, create step-by-step strategies, explore opportunities and find local experts and resources. Best Self focuses its editorial pages on information for obtaining optimal health, self-confidence, and happy living.

Editorial departments include wellness, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, sports, dancing, therapy, life enrichment, hearing, vision, healthy aging, health screens, cooking, travel, continuing education, counseling, cancer, sexual health cosmetic products and procedures, veins, teeth, skincare, hair, grooming, nails, spirituality, philanthropy, volunteerism, community service and more.

We know that for every person, the opportunity to be the best they can be is a journey that evolves and changes as we go through life. Our goal is to help readers navigate this journey and make it easier to realize their “best self”.

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