Appealing a Social Security Benefits Claim Denial in Alpharetta

Appealing a Social Security benefits claim denial in Alpharetta is not an easy process. There are many different factors that may influence a person’s case and as a result, an individual seeking benefits could become extremely frustrated. Someone who is attempting to appeal an SSDI claim denial should speak to a dedicated SSDI denial lawyer. They could review the factors surrounding a person’s case and work to identify effective legal options. If you or a loved one is in need of SSDI benefits, schedule an appointment for a legal consultation as soon as possible to start building your case.

Why Would the SSA Issue a Claim Denial?

The Social Security Administration or SSA may decline someone’s claim to Social Security disability benefits if they do not believe their condition is severe enough to keep them from performing all types of work or if there is a technical mistake in their application. If a claim is denied, the applicant typically receives a notice in the mail. After that, it is up to them to file an appeal or their claim stops there.

When a claim is denied, a person should be aware of several factors including:

What is the Deadline to Appeal?

The deadline for appealing a Social Security benefits denial is 65 days from the date of the decision letter. This 65-day deadline is actually calculated 60 calendar days from the date of the denial and SSA assumes that the letter is received 5 days from the date due to the mailing process.

If their claim is denied, a person can file a Social Security disability benefits appeal in person at the local Social Security office or online. Typically a person may need the following information:

Furthermore, to file a Social Security disability benefits appeal form, a person will generally need information on their medical treatment. This includes any updates pertaining to their medical condition. To avoid confusion, someone appealing a Social Security benefits claim denial in Alpharetta should reach out to a reliable SSDI denial attorney before attempting to handle their case alone.

Filing Form SSA-516-U2

Following a claim denial, a person typically needs to file a Form SSA-516-U2. This form essentially takes a denied case from the initial level to the level of reconsideration. In short, it is a request to have the SSA review the case again. When filing a Form SSA-562-U2, the applicant will need to provide their name, address, phone number, and the reason for why they think the denial was incorrect. There are generally no fees associated with filing a Form SSA-562-U2.

Filing Form SSA-3441-BK

In conjunction to Form SSA-516-U2, a person may need to file another form called, Form SSA-3441-BK. On this form, someone appealing a Social Security benefits claim denial in Alpharetta will list any changes to their condition. This includes returning to school, work, becoming incarcerated, or having changes in their medical reports. To properly file this form, a person typically needs to report their medical information, information about work activities, and information about possible incarceration. The purpose of Form SSA-3441-BK is to update the Social Security Sdministration on the information that has changed from when the person initially applied.

Learn More About Appealing Social Security Benefits Denial in Alpharetta

When the SSA denies a person benefits, the applicant has the right to file an appeal. The process of appealing a Social Security benefits claim denial in Alpharetta can be complicated and may involve a significant ability to understand different legal procedures. Someone who is seeking such an appeal should consult with a well-practiced SSDI denial attorney prior to attending any type of court hearing. Call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to identify your potential legal options.

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