Alpharetta Children’s SSDI Lawyer

Raising a child with a disability can be overwhelming for even the most dedicated parents. Fortunately, financial assistance may be available from the Social Security Administration (SSA). But, you must meet specific criteria and complete a rigorous application process before your child can receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Just as SSDI benefits can be crucial to ensuring your family’s financial stability, assistance from a local hearing claims advocate could be critical to getting the disability compensation you need. A seasoned Alpharetta children’s SSDI lawyer can help determine whether your child is eligible for this kind of disability coverage and guide you through the entire application process.

What Qualifies a Childhood Disability for SSDI Coverage?

Before they reach adulthood, children of SSDI recipients are eligible to receive benefits through their parent’s disability program. Current and former spouses of SSDI recipients, as well as their disabled and non-disabled minor children, can each receive half the amount of benefits their qualifying spouse or parent receives. This means that a family may receive a collective maximum amount between 150 and 180 percent of the value of the individual recipient’s benefits.

If an adult became disabled before the age of 22, they may also be eligible to apply for their own SSDI benefits based on work credits their parent earned. SSDI “child” benefits are available to disabled adults whose parent either currently receives disability compensation from the SSA or earned enough work credits to qualify for Social Security prior to passing away.

In addition, individuals who received SSDI benefits as a child through a qualifying parent may continue to receive those benefits after turning 18 if they meet the SSA’s criteria for disability. A local attorney can help clarify what coverage may be available in your Social Security child disability claim.

Applying for Benefits on a Child’s Behalf

To apply for SSDI benefits on your disabled child’s behalf, you must verify their birth date and impairment using their birth certificate, Social Security number, and relevant medical records. You must also show that either you or the deceased parent whose record will be used to apply for benefits successfully obtained enough work credits to qualify for disability compensation.

Applications can be filed over the phone through the SSA’s toll-free number, online, or in person at a local Social Security office. For residents of Alpharetta, the closest SS offices are located in Marietta and Norcross. In addition to helping you file an initial application, an Alpharetta lawyer can also help you understand your options for pursuing an appeal if the SSA rejects your application for children’s SSDI benefits.

Seek Help from an Alpharetta Children’s SSDI Attorney

SSDI benefits are available for disabled children and adults who became disabled before the age of 22. However, pursuing disability compensation on a child’s behalf works a little differently than seeking benefits for your own sake. Beyond just proving your child’s disability, you will also have to prove that you or their other parent qualify for Social Security, which can be a complicated and exhausting process to go through alone.

Let an Alpharetta children’s SSDI lawyer from our firm provide the dedicated and compassionate guidance you need throughout the application process, as well as any additional measures you need to take to secure benefits for your child. Call our team today to learn more or to set up a consultation.

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