Alpharetta High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is almost always difficult and can be even more difficult for a couple with a high net-worth. Often, in these divorces, the division of property becomes a hotly contested issue. Couples must often figure out how to divide homes, income-producing property, sophisticated portfolios, pensions, and businesses. High net-worth couples need a careful and professional valuation of their assets.

This why many couples in this situation turn to an Alpharetta high-asset divorce attorney. An experienced attorney knows the high stakes involved in these types of cases and can work to make sure that you are treated fairly through this often-contentious process. Contact today to learn more about how they can help you through this process.

Building a Team of Professionals

In a typical divorce, a couple usually only requires representation by their attorney to make sure they are getting effective counsel. However, there are several moving parts in a high net-worth divorce meaning that other professionals may be called in to assist the attorney in providing comprehensive representation. In a high-asset divorce, an attorney may work with forensic accountants, business valuation experts, professional appraisers, and other financial experts as appropriate.

With a team of financial experts, the couple and the courts can ascertain a clear financial picture of the couple’s assets. This can help in the negotiation process and can help a judge decide how to equitably divide property. If a split is especially contentious, a team of financial experts can also help uncover any assets the other spouse may be trying to conceal.

Important Things to Consider During a High-Asset Divorce

When a couple goes through a high-asset divorce there are some practical matters they should keep in mind. They may seem like common sense, but because of the stress and combative nature of this process, many couples can make mistakes that may cause them harm in the future.

Staying organized is of the utmost importance. Having all the relevant documents in order is crucial to avoid missing any important details that may impact the agreement.

It is also important to never hide any assets. While a spouse may feel angry, hurt, or like the other spouse is not deserving of certain assets, it may be detrimental to a person’s case if the hidden assets are uncovered. At best, a person may lose credibility before the court which could end up costing them more than they had anticipated. At worst, a person could be accused of fraud.

Finally, the individual should always be prepared to negotiate. Litigation is long and expensive. Even if things ended badly with a spouse, a comprehensive settlement agreement is almost always the better option than having a judge decide how a couple’s assets will be divided. At least when a couple settles they still have a fair amount of control over their property and how it will be divided between themselves.

Reach Out to a Skilled Alpharetta High-Asset Divorce Lawyer Today

Our compassionate high-asset divorce attorneys want to help you secure your financial future so that you can move on with peace of mind. They know how hard you have worked to sustain a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and can listen to your concerns and your goals to help create a thorough settlement.

An attorney can work with you to make sure that your interests are protected and can advocate on your behalf to assert your rights. Do not hesitate to contact an Alpharetta high-asset divorce lawyer today.

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