It seems that a lot of people are drawn to international adoption because of the legal risks associated with a domestic adoption. However, it is important to note that despite the revocation period, the vast majority of domestic adoptions have little to no risk once they’re finalized.

An advantage to international adoption in Alpharetta is that there’s virtually no legal risk. In the countries that are open to individuals coming outside of their country to adopt babies, the children typically have been in orphanages for a while, so they are already available for adoption. When nobody local is able to adopt, authorities allow someone from outside the country to do so.

Disadvantages of Adopting Internationally

However, a disadvantage is that newborns aren’t available. Most children available for international adoption in Alpharetta are a year old or older. Additionally, with some countries, there are much higher probabilities of fetal alcohol syndrome.

In a lot of these countries, these children are in overcrowded orphanages, they don’t have personal interaction or attention, or they have an attachment disorder or failure-to-thrive issues. They’ve just never bonded with a caregiver. That needs to be something you’re open to and educated about.

Some countries don’t allow you to adopt if you’ve been divorced, if your BMI is in a certain range, or if you’re 40 years old or over. These are some things that can make international adoption difficult. This is why you must do research on the specific country that you’re interested in adopting from.

Ethical Considerations

In some countries, there’s a lot of corruption when it comes to placing children for adoption internationally. For example, local individuals in an area may present to a poor family who’s barely putting food on a table that a wealthy American family is willing and wants to help raise their child.

Families are sometimes coerced into placing a child for adoption without really understanding the permanency of that decision or that they won’t have any parental rights at all to their child. That’s why it’s important to adopt from countries that are members of the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention has a lot of regulations about how adoptions between countries should take place and helps protect against potential corruption.

Costs of International Adoption

The fees for international adoption in Alpharetta are similar to an agency adoption, but the added cost of international travel can be incredibly expensive – especially for countries that require more than one trip. Some countries even require as long as a one-month stay. You can expect very high expenses relating to the travel and stay in the other country.

Ask an Alpharetta Attorney about International Adoption

Our mission at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group is to create healthy family structures however we can. We love having the opportunity to do that through international adoption. Our team can educate you on all the different options and help choose a situation that works best for you and your family.

International adoption can be a confusing process, especially without the help of a family law attorney. It can be difficult to gather information on all the different stipulations associated with adopting internationally, and many prospective parents find themselves overwhelmed as a result.

An experienced attorney can help you prove to the court that you are financially, emotionally, and physically care for the child. Call our intake team today to learn more about international adoption in Alpharetta.

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