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Fun Things To Do This Summer

Summer days are quickly approaching, and this means no school! It’s time to find some activities for your kids. If your family has recently gone through a stressful transition, summer brings with it a great opportunity to bring some fun and joy into you and your children’s life. You all deserve it! If you are […]

How Much Does Misconduct Matter in a Georgia Divorce?

Clients going through a divorce usually come into their attorney’s office very focused on fault – the other spouse was a habitual cheater and left them for someone else, treated them poorly, could never keep a job, spent money excessively, etc.  There are many character flaws and behaviors that can cause deep unhappiness and dysfunction in […]

Team 100 Feature: Lauren Dack

Lauren Dack is an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Georgia. She brings not only 9 years of counseling experience, but also a genuine passion for helping individuals and couples experience intimacy, healing, and hope. She believes that helping folks understand and heal from their past allows […]

Attorney’s Corner: Travel Plans

Interviewer:  You know it’s Mother’s Day and Memorial Day this month; hopefully, all our mother’s out there are getting to spend the day with their kids! What do you suggest to parents if they are taking their kids away for the weekend? Do they have to tell their ex-spouse all the details of their plan? […]

Top Tips for Successful Joint Physical Custody

Our legal team has handled hundreds of cases with issues surrounding the parent’s ability or inability to co-parent. Our attorney, Jeanette Soltys also shares joint physical custody of her son with her ex-husband.  Through working directly with parents in family law cases as well as through her own experience, Jeanette has identified factors that help […]