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5 Tips to Finding Peace in the Midst of Pain

1.) Accept Your Share of Responsibility, But No More: You may have an amicable divorce, and if you do, we commend you and your former spouse.  But if you’re in the midst of a bitter divorce, your spouse is not likely to hold back any punches.  He or she knows you better than any one else […]

Back To School Tips For Divorced Parents

With school back in session, you and your kids have more things going in your lives. This can cause some additional stress and tension for divorced parents who will need to communicate to establish logistics and routines for their children’s school and extracurricular activities. Here are some tips to keep the tension down, keep everyone […]

Should I open a separate bank account if I am ready to file for divorce?

Money usually plays a vital part in all divorce proceedings. Next to child custody, money is one of the most fought about subjects in a divorce. Many people are unsure what to do about their bank accounts or finances when it comes time to file for a divorce. Whether you have a joint account with […]