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Jennifer Morrow

Jennifer Morrow, Concierge Divorce Advocate

The Atlanta Divorce Law Group
3510 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30005 (Main Office)

Phone: (678) 203-9893
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What Is My Family Structure Like?

I have a small family of just my mother, father, older sister, and brother-in-law. I am from Florence, Alabama, where my family still resides. We are very close and like to visit each other as often as possible, so the distance makes it even more special when we are able to be together. I am thankful every day for the family that I have been blessed with. My parents have been married for 32 years and I hope to one day have a marriage as strong and persevering as theirs. Although my wonderful parents don’t have any grandchildren to spoil yet, they compensate by spoiling their three mischievous granddogs!

What Does Family Mean to Me?

My parents recently moved out of my childhood home, which I thought would be a very sad time in my life. I was afraid to say goodbye to the place where I grew up and pack up my old room, still filled with beanie babies and trophies I won with the local swim team. But as I shed the skin of my childhood home and moved my parents’ furniture into their new home, I realized I was just as happy there as I was in my old, memory-filled home. Because it didn’t matter where we were; all that mattered was that we got to be together. To me, family is home.

My Favorite Happily Ever After Story:

In my time here, I have learned that the most rewarding Happily Ever After Divorce stories are not always the easiest cases. My favorite cases are the ones where our clients need our help, not just our services. Even if it’s just emotional support and a sympathetic ear to help guide them through this difficult time in their lives. My favorite moments are when I feel like we have truly been able to make a difference in lives of our clients.

Professional Resume:

Jennifer graduated from Emory University.  Her first job out of college was for Katz broadcasting where she provided on-air analysis for content and managed many social media platforms.  She has joined the Atlanta Divorce Law Group and enjoys assisting clients in the family law field. She’s excited about the opportunity she has to assist our clients with their non-legal related issues that will help them transition to their new life.  In addition, she is assisting the law firm with managing our social media platforms.